The Café-Butler

- offers the highest coffee experience:
You choose which favorite coffee to fill into the stainless steel capsule – finest blends from Latin-America, organic coffee from Africa or maybe a real Italian espresso?

- protects the environment:
the long lasting and refillable stainless steel capsule makes even our planet happy! Why? Because mountains of waste will shrink and no more harmful aluminum is being used for every single one way capsule.

- saves a lot of money:
In addition to negative environmental impact of common single-use coffee capsules, these capsules are also very expensive (just calculate and compare the price of coffees delivered in a bag and those delivered in capsules; you will find a huge price gap).

When using the Café-Butler you can buy your favorite coffees in bigger quantities (normal coffee bags of different weight). In doing so you will enjoy YOUR choice of coffee at much lower purchase.

With Café-Butler for Nespresso® machines you don't just protect the environment and save money, you can use all varieties of coffees available and enjoy the taste of Brazil, Africa or Italy in your cup.

Mountains of coffee capsules of all different types and systems swamp our planet and pollute the environment during production and disposal unnecessarily.

– For the production of aluminum incredible amounts of raw materials and energy are required: 4 times as much energy as in the manufacture of paper, 10 times as much as in the production of tinplate and 27 times as much as in the glass processing.

– The raw material for aluminum extraction is called bauxite. Bauxite-mining landscapes are destroying large areas - Brazilian rainforests and jungles, Siberian forests - as for the open pit is characteristic in general. During production highly toxic waste, such as heavy metal sludges containing environmentally harmful fluorocarbons, the corrosive hydrogen fluoride and carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide are being produced as well.

– For the production of each ton of aluminum roughly 1.5 tons of highly toxic and highly corrosive red mud emerge and is deposited as waste in open toxic sludge basins (Source: publication Global 2000, Astrid wide, Tue, 21/12/2010 - 08:53)

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